My Story:

My name is Kristina Koslosky. While pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration and my Bachelor of Science at UW-Whitewater, I began to dabble with websites and social media. Following graduation, I served as a Business Development Coordinator, coached a team of marketing interns, and worked with a marketing agency to rebrand the company. After recognizing my passion, I resigned from my full-time salaried position to return for my Masters of Business Administration. After 5+ years of digital marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs, I pursued my own entrepreneurial dream and founded Kreative Solutions LLC.

Why did I start Kreative Solutions? I believe in small businesses and want to help them remain competitive as technology evolves and demographics change. According to the US Census Bureau, by 2020, over 50% of the US population will be generation Y or generation Z. Depending on which generation you are, you will likely take a different path through the sales funnel from awareness, to interest, to decision, to action. It is essential to develop a medley of traditional and digital marketing strategies to retain current customers and attract new ones. By working together, the business owner can focus on what they do best – running their business while I handle everything online.

Everyday I help small businesses grow while following my passion. Web design is my specialty. However, simply launching a website is not enough. You need to have a cohesive brand identity online and offline. You need to have search engine optimization so that prospects and customers can find your website on Google and other search engines. Pay-per-click, email, and social media campaigns can be leveraged to target new customers and engage current customers. Every project begins with a website redesign with search engine optimization and may incorporate continuous branding, graphic design, or digital marketing services.

With years of business experience, I recognize the importance of listening to the customer and understanding their needs, motivations, frustrations, and goals. I am not going to wow you with the technical jargon or promise the latest and greatest digital techniques. Rather, I am going to listen to you and deliver a service package the fits you and your business.

A Customer-Focused Approach

If you are in need of a website redesign, the best place to start is a consultation. We can discuss over the phone, meet online, or meet for coffee. During the initial consultation, I will ask you about your previous marketing efforts, your motivations for reaching out,  your immediate needs, your business goals, and your overall marketing strategy. With an understanding of your business and goals, I will tailor my recommendations to fit your business and customize the proposal to fit your budget, timeline, and preferences.

A common dreadful question in my field is “What is your rate?” And as much as I’d like to answer that question right away, I do not feel that it is fair to do so without understanding the prospect’s needs and business goals. There are base rates for the service packages that are customized to fit your needs. For example, the minimum for a website design is $1,500. We will work together to customize the service package that helps you achieve your business goals.

Networking Groups:

Kreative Solutions has the potential to cross state lines and work with anyone in the United States. With office space in Whitewater and a home office in Delafield, networking and client relations are primarily centered around central and southeastern Wisconsin.

Ready to Collaborate?

If you are interested in learning more, please request a consultation. Kreative Solutions would love to learn more about your business and website needs.