A Complete and Integrated Package

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to attract, engage, and convert customers online. To maximize the value of your marketing, it is essential to have an integrated approach that unites the various channels and provides a consistent brand identity. Kreative Solutions provides integrated digital marketing and graphic design services.

A cohesive brand is the first step towards brand awareness, eventual brand recognition, and ultimately brand loyalty. An integrated approach allows for efficient and effective marketing. Don’t do a little bit of everything without getting results. Excel at what you do and use your resources wisely.

Kreative Solution’s integrated approach encompasses four steps: (1) Discovery, (2) Strategy, (3) Implementation, and (4) Optimization.


Analyze your online presence, identify opportunities, benchmark competitors, research your market and industry, and develop an understanding of your business. The output of the discovery stage is a digital audit and report.


Create a plan of action that supports your business goals and differentiates your business from the competition. Craft a strategy for execution and roadmap for implementation.


Develop and launch website. Optimize for SEO. Launch social media accounts. Setup PPC campaigns. Craft email newsletter template and import contacts. Create calendar and schedule content.


Monitor key performance indicators. Analyze performance. Identify areas for improvement. Optimize for continuous improvements.

Integrated Digital Marketing Services

Website Design

Before a prospect will pick up the phone to call your business, he/she will review your website to evaluate your company and your products/services. It is essential to have a visually-appealing and user-friendly site that customers can navigate easily.

Digital Marketing

Simply launching a website is not enough. You need search engine optimization so that prospects and customers can find your website online. Pay-per-click, email, and social media campaigns can be leveraged to target new customers and engage current customers.

Brand Identity Coordination

You have a business. Now what? It’s time to develop your logo and brand. Kreative Solutions can help you develop logo as well as a cohesive brand identity by designing your promotional materials (i.e. business cards, flyers, brochures, letterheads, etc.).

Serving Southern Wisconsin & Beyond

ith a home office in Delafield, WI and office space in Whitewater, WI, Kreative Solutions primarily works with clients in central and southeastern Wisconsin. The majority of the clients appreciate Kreative’s Solutions one-on-one approach and willingness to meet for coffee throughout the process. If meeting in-person is not an option, we can always connect via a phone call or video call.

Being personable and taking the time to meet face-to-face helps build a trusting and collaborative relationship. Even though time is money, sometimes developing that one-on-one client relationship is priceless. Kreative Solutions offers various service packages to accomodate the client’s preferences for involvement. Some clients want to be involved in the details, while other simply want to review the final product. Kreative Solutions believes in surrounding yourself with good people and taking the time to give back to the community and those who have supported you along the way.

At Kreative Solutions, we take a personal approach, listen to our clients, and create an integrated marketing services package. As we all know, a referral is the best way to generate new business. Let Kreative Solutions manage your website and marketing so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Focus on What You Do Best & Get In Touch

Focus on your business and let Kreative Solutions handle your digital marketing.