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A Necessity for Every Small Business

According to the US Census Bureau, by 2020, over 50% of the US population will be generation Y or Z. Depending on which generation you are, you will likely take a different path through the sales funnel from awareness, to interest, to decision, to action. It is essential to develop a medley of traditional and digital marketing strategies to retain current customers and attract new ones. 

Simply launching a website is not enough. You need to have search engine optimization so that prospects and customers can find your website on Google and other search engines. Pay-per-click, email, and social media campaigns can be leveraged to target new customers and engage current customers. Following a website design or redesign, Kreative Solutions offers supplemental digital marketing services in order to drive traffic to your website. Our typical digital marketing package includes website maintenance, search engine optimization, monthly or quarterly newsletter, blog posts, social media management, and online advertising.

Compared to traditional channels, digital marketing and advertising has unique benefits: improved targetting, greater personalization, improved measurability with analytics, and greater reach at a lower cost.


Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about increasing your website’s visibility and increasing the number of visitors to your website. Effective SEO requires a collection of strategies and tactics to get your website to a high-ranking position in the search results. SEO encompasses both organic results and paid results (Ads).

Quality SEO is essential! There are white hat strategies that help your ranking and black hat strategies that harm your ranking. As Google releases monthly updates, the strategies evolve. What helped your website years ago may actually harm your website’s ranking today.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is one of the most measurable forms of advertising. You only pay when someone clicks your ad. On google search results, the top three and bottom three listings are paid ads. 

Pay per click advertising compliments organic SEO strategies and tactics. When organically optimizing your web pages, a given webpage can only be optimized for one or two keywords. If you would like your website listing to appear more often and with more keywords, pay per click advertising is your solution.

Google Adwords management can be incorporated in the continuous digital marketing services package.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about creating engaging content that generates interest in your products or services. A content marketing strategy is a pre-requisite to email and social media marketing.

Your content marketing strategy details your strategic approach to creating and distributing on-brand, relevant, valuable, and consistent content that attracts and returns your target customers with the ultimate goal of nurturing your leads/prospects into customers.

Content marketing is essential for taking your customer’s on a journey through the sales cycle and enables you to position yourself as the expert. Plus, great content benefits your search engine optimization. If you want to rank high in Google’s search results, you need fresh, quality content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is ideal for building relationships, maintaining top of mind awareness, and enhancing customer loyalty. Email marketing can help drive traffic to your website and encourage social sharing.

Kreative Solutions can help you create an inbound marketing campaign that nurtures your leads, automate trigger-based emails based on the user’s action, or simply help you with your routine email newsletters. If your email newsletters are not generating the results you want, it’s time to mix things up. You can get the results you desire with the right frequency, great content, and an engaged contact list. 

Email marketing compliments social media marketing. Your audience will innately self-select their preferred channel. 


Social Media Management

Social media marketing leverages social networking websites as a marketing tool to build brand awareness and reach new customers. It is a two-way street. Your company can share content on social media to broaden your reach, but customers and website visitors can also share your website content with their friends. Social media advertising is also an option.

Social media sites have high authority scores. If you have searched for a company and found their social profile before their website, this is why. Social media marketing can directly and indirectly increase your website’s visibility.

Anyone can do social media, right? Anyone can post on social media, but it does not mean everyone does it well. We all un-followed that friend that overshares or that company that is just to pushy. Don’t let that be your company. Social media is both an art and an science. Hire a professional who can craft a professional social media presence by sending out the right frequency of posts at the right time with both informative, engaging, and quality content.

Digital Marketing Consulting

With limited resources, small business owners need to have a marketing strategy that aligns with their business goals and nurtures leads along their journey into customers. A marketing strategy enables you to be purposeful with your marketing efforts and enables you to use your resources effectively and efficiently. 

 The purpose of the consulting package is to provide small business owners with a long-term strategy for interns and/or employees to implement in the short-term. The marketing guide serves as a road map. The marketing guide details: marketing objectives, target audiences, competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, positioning strategy, content strategy, channels and tactics, implementation, and evaluation. 

The base package includes a co-creation consultation and the output of the consultation is a marketing guide. Additional consultations can always be added on. 

Marketing Tips &  FAQs

How to Use Hashtags on Social Media

How to Use Hashtags on Social Media

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